Order / Upload Requirements


Before you can upload files to Mirage Digital Photo Lab you need to be a registered member of this site. To register click the ‘Register’ link in the right hand column and enter the required details.

Once you are logged in then click the ‘Upload Now’ button at the bottom of this page to access the file uploader. Please be sure to follow the instructions below when preparing your files for upload.


Option 1 – Send your images cropped and colour corrected by you and we will print them without adjustments. Read about our monitor calibration guidelines here.

Option 2 – Send your initial images cropped and colour corrected by you, we will analyse them and do a final colour and contrast analysis and print the best possible image. For large images, to save on upload time, do not size up, just send the original or finished image and we will resize it for you. In this case please send the largest image size your camera has produced.


  • Do not use special characters or blank spaces in the file name
  • Files are to be sent as Jpegs or Tiffs (no raw files) 200dpi-400dpi.
  • Preferred colour space is Adobe RGB 1998, sRGB is also acceptable.
  • When saving files, please ensure that the Embed Colour Profile box is ticked.
  • No layers, paths or channels in files please.
  • Save files in 8 Bits/Channel.


Please ensure you include the print size required at the end of the file name and if required followed by number of prints. Example: My_Picture_8x10.jpg or My_Picture_8x10-3.jpg for 3 prints of that file.

upload now button linkWHEN SENDING MULTIPLE FILES:
Arrange your files in folders according to the following structure using the same naming method as above;

  • service option, (option 1-print as is or option 2-correct before printing)
  • print output sizes
  • paper type (gloss, matt etc.)
  • with borders (WB)


Then Zip or Stuff the whole folder and upload it to us.


Go to the file upload page now...